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At Spark Change we are dedicated to making it easy to know which solar provider is best for you.

Based on where you live, solar providers are in your area, and types of subsidies available.

No Hassle, Instant Solar Design, and unparalleled Customer Service.

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Tim L

My wife and I looked at solar for a while, and got a few quotes from several different companies who knocked on our door. Sat through all the solar presentations and sales gimmicks.

It took months for us to buy our solar, cause I was shopping around. I got all my questions answered without a high pressure sales guy. Then Joe, My account Executive was able to show me all the different options, and help my wife and I figure out which company is the best fit for us. We even got a smart home security system for free through one of Spark Change’s partners, and it was installed the next day!


Sarah T

Going solar was easy and Tyler made the whole experience quick and painless. We hopped on a zoom call, okayed a few forms to get the process started. They said it would take about 10 minutes to get it all set up,

but we wound up being on the phone for 45 minutes because I was looking at all the different options… Ultimately I did decide to get a battery system that runs the whole home, and now no matter what happens my family is covered. We even got a 30 year extended warranty and a security system for free! Plus for referring me, my friend won a cruise, and we are going to the Bahamas in February!


Karen S

They actually ran out of the panels we originally agreed on right before install day so they upgraded me to a better panel for the same price. Our permitting did take longer than expected,

but they were on top of things the whole time. Dealing with the permitting department in our town is a pain. Your team is awesome and was really good at updating me about my progress status. Really good company, super pleased with the install, and they did make everything super easy to understand, and sign up was easy; took like 10 minutes!


Louis J

I’ve heard horror stories about solar companies taking forever to install, and really bad customer service from people. I was reluctant to give solar another shot. But then one afternoon, I hopped on the website, entered in some basic info, and… boom!

I had a solar design in 30 seconds! Soon after I got a call from Christine, who got me qualified for their program. She was super nice and made the whole process really easy. Communication throughout the entire process was seamless, and it was as simple as okaying a few forms, and snapping a few photos of my house. Solar installed 2 weeks later! Thanks again!


Steven D

I found Spark Change a couple months ago and they just made it so easy to get everything all set up. Got my solar design in minutes. Then i got a call from a really nice customer service rep who helped me ok a few forms.

I found Spark Change a couple months ago and they just made it so easy to get everything all set up. Got my solar design in minutes. Then i got a call from a really nice customer service rep who helped me ok a few forms.


Will E

I hopped on Spark Change after a recommendation from a friend. Originally, I just wanted to save money, build some equity, and get rid of the solar guys once and for all. Then I saw how Spark Change is partnered with the top solar companies in the country, plus has their own local install team in my area.

They also work with a few charities who provide solar power and clean water to people in poor communities, and also plant trees. Feels good to know I’m a part of making a difference. Going solar was easy and customer service was. I was able to look at several different options, and ultimately I decided to get a battery system too. Actually saved money getting the battery!


Thomas R

I decided to ditch the power company for good, and own my power. After I found out how much I was being overcharged for power, going solar was a no brainer. I’m super busy with work, and didn’t want to spend hours sitting in solar presentations, and dealing with sleazy sales reps. I was able to get my design back instantly, and get set up to go solar the same day.

I got a low monthly payment of $137 a month! No matter how much the electric companies charge for electricity, my energy costs never goes up! It’s crazy to me how I am paying less to literally own a solar power plant than I was coughing up to the electric company every month. I just wish I had gone solar sooner!


Ricardo R

You see on the news how they are always talking about inflation, plus now I’m even starting to see it at the grocery store and gas prices are crazy. Needed a way to make sure we are prepared for the future. So, I did some googling and found Spark Change. It was pretty easy to navigate their site, and they made it pretty easy to get things all set up.

I didn’t save a ton of money, maybe $30 a month, but I was able to get a battery just in case the grid goes out again, and still pay less. Solar didn’t all of a sudden make more sense, its just that the utility made sense. I referred a bunch of my friends too.


Arthur C

I’m so glad we decided to go with Spark Change. We have been working on rebuilding our credit, and had some credit cards to pay off. Tyler showed us how we could actually use our solar tax credit to pay off our credit cards, and get back on track. We went solar, and got a new roof at the same time. Also we were able to apply the tax credit to the roof too!

Now we are paying around what we were paying for electricity. But now, we have a brand new roof with solar, and our credit cards are paid off thanks to Uncle Sam. Spark Change made it super easy to understand the tax credit and incentives. Plus we eliminated our electricity bill, and used the money instead to go solar. Was a no brainer for us!

Why Spark Change?

Instant custom solar design. Solar educational series. Making an impact.

We replaced the Sales Reps with Friendly Energy Consultants who create a custom plan to meet your energy needs saving you thousands.


Sparking Change in our local and global communities by collaborating with charitable causes to plant trees, build solar water farms for communities in need, and inspire future generations. We believe we can all work together to make a massive impact.

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Your Spark Change account executive will detail all your options, so you can find the best fit for your family.


Committed to Powering America 100% on Solar Energy

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30 Years Active Monitoring

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28 Day average installation

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Just snap some photos of your home, and OK a few forms. Our team expedites your installation and does all the work so you don’t have to.

From site survey to activation, we have you covered.

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Solar Incentives

Massive state and federal incentives make going solar an easy decision.

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Tax Free

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Federal Tax Credits

There’s a 30% federal tax credit

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State Incentives

Depending on the area you live in, you might qualify for state incentives.

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