Tallahassee summers can be hot and long but that makes the city ideal for solar energy generation.

Consult Spark Change and set the ball rolling for residential solar panel installation in Tampa. Secure your rising energy needs with something as sustainable as solar.

Get solar panel setup for home in Tallahassee with Spark Change as your consultancy. Save more than 30% in solar incentives without causing harm to the environment.

How Roof Solar Installation for Homes In Tallahassee Benefits

Solar is the future and if you are a resident of Tallahassee, roof solar panels for home is one choice you would never regret. Whether living in a small or large house, residential solar panel installation can satisfy your evolving energy requirements.

Install solar panels at home and enjoy the benefits including

  • Saving extra on utility bills
  • Regulate home energy consumption
  • Multiply property value
  • Promoting clean energy
  • Create a sustainable future for your family
  • Reliable alternative source of energy

As you plan to embrace solar in Tallahassee, Spark Change can help you hire a solar contractor without losing your sleep over it. We empower you with everything you need to hire the best solar panel company in Tallahassee.

Share your energy needs with us. Our team will be more than happy to help you embrace solar in Florida.

Why Tallahassee for Solar?

Tallahassee witnesses on average 233 sunny days per year, more than the US average (205 sunny days). The city’s solar potential also made it the home of the world’s largest solar-powered airport. Tallahassee also aims to become 100% solar by 2050.

Tallahassee Solar Incentives

  • Federal incentives (30%)
  • Solar sales tax exemption
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Net Metering

With so many favorable factors intact, homeowners need a solar contractor to get everything sorted.

Spark Change is here to help. From educating to empowering you to install solar panels at home, we guide you through every stage.

We do not mind pushing the envelope if that means winning your trust and confidence.

Ready to Go Solar?

Speak to one of our Solar Representatives and receive the best assistance available.

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Upgrade with Solar Panel Installation in Tallahassee.

Installing solar panels at home is a green investment that saves you extra while providing a sustainable source of energy.

Partner with Spark Change and get assistance in

  • Solar education
  • Solar design
  • Solar reimbursements
  • Solar site surveys

Our team works with homeowners on their energy needs and suggests the best solar panel company in Tallahassee.

Contact us and our customer service team will get in touch with you to get started.

How Much Do Solar Panels Home Installation Cost?

Solar panels are growing popular. Though the initial investment may be high, the financial advantages and long-term benefits outweigh all of that.

For instance, the average solar panel installation cost for a 5kW solar panel system in Tallahassee comes between $10,965 and $14,835. Bring the figure down by qualifying for solar incentives including the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC).

Luckily, you can determine the solar panels for a home price in Tallahassee by simple calculations.

Solar System Size

The bigger the size, the costlier it gets to purchase the solar system for a home

Solar Brand

Search for the best solar panel brands available in your region. Or you can get it arranged from anywhere else.

Solar Panel type

Select among different types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC, and thin-film panels.

Solar Roofing Type

Installing roof solar panels for home is common but can dig a hole in your pocket if the surface is not conducive for solar installation.

Solar Contractors

There are many small to big solar contractors. Not every company is authorized to do the job.

Permitting and Interconnection fees

Your solar installer will keep you posted on permitting and interconnection fees applicable.

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With Spark Change, you do not have to worry about the number crunching. We ensure you get the fairest and most honest solar assessment for the job.